In Huadong Aluminum, we commit that each production step is inspected and controlled strictly.

1. Chemical Composition Detection
In the production of Aluminum sheet, Aluminum slug, and Aluminum circle, we will first detect the chemical composition of raw materials.

2. Dimension Inspection
3. Finished Product Inspection
We will select a part of products to see whether their tensile strength and hardness have reached the national standards.
4. Inspection for Aluminum Sheet and Circle
Before producing Aluminum sheet and circle, we use colorimetry technique to test the materials’ chemical elements, like Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Silicon and Manganese. During production, both measure and micrometer are applied to separately measure the Aluminum products’ width and thickness. After the sheets and circles are finished, we utilize a tensile testing machine to examine their mechanical properties. Workers are required to check the surface of sheets and circles manually.

5. Inspection for Aluminum Slug
For producing Aluminum slug, we firstly test the raw materials’ chemical component with colorimetry technique, including Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Silicon and Manganese. During production, we need to measure the slugs’ thickness and diameter with tap measure and check their shapes. A screening machine is employed to filter out those Aluminum slugs in bad shape after the production is done.

6. Inspection for RIVET
Before the production of RIVET, we will ask suppliers to show their test report and then test the hardness and tensile strength of the raw materials. In production, our workers will adjust the molds according to drawings and produce only a small quantity of RIVET for a contradistinction between the drawings. If there is a deviation, they will make some adjustment in-time. After production, a test upon hardness and tensile strength will be conducted for another time for the finished RIVET.