Manufacturing Capacity
Every year, Huadong Aluminum produces about 10000 t of Aluminum circles or Aluminum sheets, 8000t of Aluminum slugs, 7000t of blind rivets, as well as 4000t of Aluminum foil, Aluminum coil, Aluminum strip or Aluminum handles.

Plant for Aluminum Circle and Sheet
In this plant staffed by 260 people, we have 3 melting furnaces, 1 hot rolling machine, 4 rough mills, 2 finishing mills, 2 flattening machines, 2 cutting machines, 4 punching machines, 2 circle cutting machines, 1 annealing furnace, and 1 assembly machine.

Plant for Aluminum Slug
This factory with 60 people is equipped with 1 melting furnace, 2 casting-rolling mills, 2 hot rolling machines, 2 cold rolling machines, 16 punching machines for Aluminum disc, 1 annealing furnace, and 1 screening machine. We don’t have a design team but we provide customization service basing on clients’ drawings.

Plant for RIVET
For this RIVET plant with 30 workers, we have introduced 7 nail making machines, 5 assembly machines, 1 cleaning machine, 1 oil removal machine, 1 packaging machine, 1 tensile testing machine, and 1 hardness tester. We can customize RIVET according the drawings provided by customers.