In response to the policy of Reform and Opening up, we created Zhangjiagang Aluminum Plant, which is a township and village enterprise dedicated in producing Aluminum circle and Aluminum sheet. At that time, we possessed 2 furnaces, 1 hot rolling line, 3 cold rolling lines, 2 cutting lines, 1 annealing furnace, 4 punching machines, 2 circle cutting machines, and 1 tempering furnace. We were staffed by over 300 people then.

Under the leader of President Qian, we created Zhangjiagang Huadong China Aluminium Materials Production Co.,Ltd., and set an agency in Shanghai. Production in this period has laid a good foundation for our future development.

To meet the growing market demand, we started to establish sub-factory (2000m2) to produce Aluminum slug.

Our team becomes larger so we constructed new office which covers 800m2. The same year, our Aluminum products were exported overseas and our business were gradually expanding.

Huadong Aluminum established another factory to produce blind rivet. We are developing towards integration and internationalization.