1. Abundant Experience
Huadong Aluminum was founded as early as 1981, so to some extent we are familiar with the market and know what clients want. We have served many enterprises. Molds for Aluminum circle, Aluminum slug and blind rivet are stored in large quantity in Huadong Aluminum, so when there is a need, we can supply clients with samples in a short time.

2. Customization Service
We are able to produce basing on the provided information like materials, specification and applications. But when it comes to make blind rivet or Aluminum slug, a drawing is compulsory. In Huadong Aluminum, samples are offered for free for clients to check. All of our raw materials are directly purchased from large trustworthy Aluminum suppliers, which has effectively controlled the product quality and transportation cost.
In the plant, we have many experienced workers, whose proficiency allows them to operate accurately and adjust the molds to be more precise.
We don't design, but can produce Aluminum products according to the drawings, samples, or parameters clients have provided.

3. Inspection & Packaging
In Huadong Aluminum, quality inspection and packaging are given considerable attention: the Aluminum sheets and circles are detected one by one, and after inspected, they will firstly be put into small packs and then packaged with wooden boxes or wooden pallets. Plastic film is needed to protect the Aluminum products from moisture.

4. Comprehensive Equipment
We have a full range of processing equipment: 4 furnaces, 1 hot rolling line, 3 cold rolling lines, 2 cutting lines, 2 annealing furnaces, 20 punching machines, 2 circle cutting machines, 7 nail making machines, 5 assembly machines, 1 cleaning machine, 1 oil removal machine, and 1 packaging machine.
For quality inspection, we possess our own laboratory, which is equipped with a chemical composition detector, and 2 tensile testing machines.

5. Our Clients
Currently our clients are spread in Middle East, Africa, and South America, mostly in Middle East. Among our Aluminum products, Aluminum circle is the most popular one and acts as the major export product. One of our Middle East Customer, who provides household appliances, came to us in 2007, and maintains the partnership between us till now. Each year, they purchase 600t Aluminum circle (grade: 1050; state: O and H12) from us.