Aluminum Strip Ceiling, Decorative Aluminum Strip, Aluminum Strip for Cosmetics Packing, Shutter Strip, Aluminum Strip for Decoration

To provide clients the exact kind of Aluminum product they want, we will analyze the provided information including grade, state, and applications, then provide some samples for confirmation. The production process incorporates melting, casting, slitting, annealing, and packaging. Each step is strictly controlled by inspectors. The temperature deviation of annealing is kept within a small range. After the Aluminum strips are made, we will detect whether there are burrs, scratches, bubbles or black spots. Those qualified strips will be put into small packs upon clients’ request and then loaded on wooden pallets.

Technical Parameters of Aluminum Strip (Standard Reference: GB/T 3880-2012)
1. Grade: 1060
2. Material: 1060 Aluminum
Uses of 1060: Cosmetic caps, pharmaceutical caps, bottle caps, eyelet, radiator plates, decorative plates, capacitor housings, toothpaste tubes
3. State (O/H22/H24/H28)
O: used for deep drawing for its softness 
H22: for shallow drawing 
H24: for shallow drawing 
H28: for reflector and decoration
4. Thickness: 0.18-1.0mm;
Width: 12.5-440mm
5. ID: 75mm/100mm/120mm/150mm/250mm
OD: 300mm-550mm/600mm
6. Weight of single strip: 25-60kg
7. Min order quantity (MOQ): 500kgs per size
8. Packaging: wooden pallet, wood box

Aluminum foil (strip) for transformers, aluminum strip for high-frequency welding aluminum spacer bars, aluminum strip for fin radiators, aluminum strip for cables, aluminum strip for stamping, aluminum edge trim, etc.

1. When the package has been opened, please use out the Aluminum strip quickly, or seal the left ones well to prevent oxidation.
2. Please keep the package dry during shipping and storing.