Aluminum Foil Roll, Aluminum Foil Container, Aluminum Foil for Baking Sheet, Aluminum Foil for Food Packaging, Aluminum Foil for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Before the production of Aluminum foil, we will first determine what kind of Aluminum product clients want based on the provided grade, state, and applications. After samples are approved, the process of raw materials melting, casting, slitting, annealing, and packaging will be conducted successively.
Through the whole production line, each process is under strict control. The temperature deviation of annealing is rather small. Inspectors will check the burrs, scratches, bubbles or black spots on the Aluminum foils to filter out unqualified ones.
The finished Aluminum foils will be firstly put into small packs according to clients’ demands, and then packaged in wooden boxes. Desiccant is adopted to keep them dry.

About Aluminum Foil (Food Grade)
Alloy/temper: 8011/O, 1235/O
Thicknesses and tolerance: 0.0045-0.020mm
Foil width tolerance: 250, 280, 290, 295, 300, 400, 450, 600, 730, 1000mm
Inner core: 76.2mm (3 inches), 150 or 152.4mm (6 inches)
Outside diameter: 150-1450mm (max)
Surface quality: one side is bright, the other side is relative dim and smooth, without defects, gaps, folds or mechanical defects
Packaging: the Aluminum foils be sealed with PE film in standard wooden boxes; desiccant is employed to protect the foils from dust and moisture.

Technical Parameters
Applications Thickness (mm) Alloy Type Temper Width (mm) Core I.D. (mm) Coil I.D. (mm)
Pharmaceutical packing 0.006-0.026 8011/1235/3003 O/H18/H19 15-1800 76/152 400-800
Household products 0.10-0.20 8011/1235/3003 O 15-1200 76/152 280-700
Food container 0.06-0.10 8011/1235/3003 H22 15-1400 76/152 280-700
Stock pot lid 0.01-0.05 8011/1235/3003 O 15-700 76/152 280-700
Air container, heat exchanger packing 0.007-0.02 8011/1235/3003 O/H28/H22/H24/H26 15-1310 76/152 150-1450
Decorative packing 0.01-0.09 8011/1235/3003 H18 900-1800 76/152 150-1245
Cable packing 0.10-0.20 1235/3003/8011 O 15-600 76/152 150-1450
Cigarettes packing 0.0045-0.0076 1235/3003/8011 O/H18 15-1320 76/152 280-480
Gold foil paper for cigarettes 0.006 1235/3003/8011 O/H18 15-1320 76/152 280-480
Machinery and equipment 0.1-0.2 8011/1235/3003 H18/H22/H24/H26 200-1450 76/152
Anode and carbon protection 0.015-0.11 8011/1235/3003 H18/H22/H24/H26 200-1450 76/152
Printing packing 0.01-0.20 8011/1235/3003 O/H14/H19 76/152 150-1450
Power capacitor packing 0.15-0.20 8011/1235/3003 O/H14/H19 76/152 150-1450

1. When the package has been opened, please use the Aluminum foils out as soon as possible. If a whole pallet of products is too much for one time, remember to pack the left ones well to prevent oxidation.
2. Please keep the packages dry during shipping and storing.