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Huadong Aluminum is a professional Aluminum product supplier developed from Zhangjiagang Aluminum Plant, which was incepted in 1981. After 35 years’ development, we have evolved into a large corporation with a span of 100 thousand m2, among which buildings account for 1/2. We are staffed by over 350 people and possess 60 billion yuan of fixed assets. Supported by more than 100 sets of equipment, our annual output is up to 25 thousand tons. The raw materials we use are Aluminum ingots from 8 largest Aluminum Plants in China. Our Aluminum products are made completely complying with GB/T3880-2012 and GBT 3098.19-2004 standards.

The product catalogue of Huadong Aluminum incorporates Aluminum circle, Aluminum slug, Aluminum sheet, Rivet,  cookware handles, and Aluminum strip, just to name a few.

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Geographical Advantage
Huadong Aluminum is located in Zhangjiagang, which is an important hub between Suzhou and Hangzhou. We are near Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nantong, and lies on the northern bank of Yangtze River. The 204 State Road and the Ergan River which can bear ship pass through the city. These logistic advantages have added to Huadong Aluminum’s competitiveness.

Complete Production Equipment
Having been created for 35 years, Huadong Aluminum has witnessed considerable progress and has set several sub-factories. Now we own 4 furnaces, 1 hot rolling line, 3 cold rolling lines, 2 cutting lines, 2 annealing furnaces, 35 punching machines for Aluminum circle, 2 circle cutting machines, 7 nail making machines, 5 assembly machines, 1 washing machine, 1 oil removal machine, and 2 packaging machines. These advanced processing machineries have supported our production powerfully.

Wide Product Applications
In Huadong Aluminum, all of the products are developed and produced independently. We mainly offer Aluminum circle, Aluminum sheet, Aluminum slug, and RIVET, among which the Aluminum circle with good tensile property is the most popular one and is widely applied in kitchen cookware, household appliances, and traffic sign boards. Another flag product, Aluminum slug, available in various shapes, feature excellent high tensile strength and is used for packaging, electronics, medicine, food, and automotive industries, etc. For our newly-developed rivet, we provide customization service basing on clients’ drawings. Our rivet is widely applied in various fields and features a large market share.

Sales & Honor
Till now, Huadong Aluminum has created several factories, and has sold our Aluminum products to Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Anhui, Shandong, and other areas in China. Besides, we have especially set our trading company, the top markets in Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, winning us a certain reputation on international Aluminum market.

Today, Huadong Aluminum has been a senior manufacturer possessing considerable prestige in China’s Aluminum industry. Since establishment in 1981, we have received numerous of honors: we have got the bronze medal from the Ministry of Light Industry, rated as Excellent Products in Suzhou continuously for 2 times, got the name of the top 100 brands of good-quality product, and the famous brand in the Township Industrial Bureau of Jiangsu Province. In addition, Huadong Aluminum has got the AAA credit of ICBC for several times and is the advanced enterprise in quality management in Jiangsu Province.

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Contact Info

Zhangjiagang Huadong China Aluminium Materials Production Co., Ltd.

Tel.: +86-13915671172

E-mail: zjghdal@126.com

Daily: 8:30 am - 24:00 pm

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